Uncle Grandpa

I’m still taking small steps into the exciting world of digital sculpture (I’m not quitting traditional), I’m making some progress, this will be the first piece that I actually see through to the end and hopefully get 3d printed, can’t wait to see the results, still a little way to go yet, but here it is, Uncle Grandpa from Cartoon Network.

Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa toy digital sculpture

Uncle Grandpa toy


Pokemon Go

Another piece I’m working on at the moment, this was inspired by stories of people unknowingly wandering into dangerous places while tracking down Pokemon. To compose the sketch quickly I used several found reference photos of alleyways and put them together like a collage, I then used zbrush to quickly build some figures which I pasted over the alleyway collage. I already had a clear idea of how I wanted this to look and the camera angle/composition so this was a quick way to get the idea down as a starting point. I then looked at a ton of Pokemon characters and did plenty of sketching to see which had silhouettes that would lend themselves to being menacing men in badly made costumes.

pokemon go